Growing Bellingen's Fertility

We are delighted to have Sonic Natural Farming join us at the Bellingen Growers Market, offering cold processed Seaweed fertiliser that can be made up to scale on both farms and home gardens. They are also provide a wealth of wonderful knowledge and advice.

Sonja Kallio and her family son Jake and his family - Monique, Remy and baby Isla - run this great business from Bellingen. They process and supply the fully organic product which captures all the important amino chains, beneficial microbes and nutrients in a naturally balanced state.

Sonja and family want to share the simple DIY principal with growers and offer online ‘How to’ tutorials and 1:1 advice for growers.

"We want to give people the keys to unlock healthy soil and grow nutrient dense food." 

"Our aim is to assist growers and farmers with setting up their own DIY natural fertiliser systems, producing 100% natural fertilisers to minimise farm costs, reduce plastic packaging waste and minimise the amount of transportation that is usually required to get products on farm, a win win for the farmer and the environment".


Sonja has found that 2020 has seen an increase in home gardeners and farmers looking for minimal external inputs to make their food crops thrive.  

With people being at home more and concerned about food security there has been an upsurge in demand for all things gardening and a great interest in garden products that can be made from home with the basics.

Farmers are also finding ways to reduce external inputs into their farms as security of supply of imported products becomes unstable.  

"People are taking this time in isolation to get back into the garden and have a go at growing their own food.  Those we've spoken to are looking at how they can take it all back to basics and create productive gardens and nutrient dense food with minimal costs."

The family are passionate about a regenerative approach with growing. This increases the nutrient density of food for a healthy population and a healthy planet.

"It all began with us looking to find nutrient dense food and realising that it largely involved growing it ourselves.  This was because it all had to do with the microbial health and diversity in the soil.  We wanted to be self-sufficient so we wild harvested seaweed, and by using traditional fermentation methods we started to make the best Seaweed Fertiliser we could have imagined’ said Sonja.

Through the COVID19 changes SONIC has hit the fast track, making locally made microbial rich Fertilisers available to the home gardener and farmers, and training growers how to make it themselves.

Welcome Sonja and the Sonic team!

For more information, talk to Sonja at your next visit to the market.

Or visit , call 0423214844  or  email: