Bellingen Artisan/Growers Market goes ahead 4 December

After careful consideration and consultation with stallholders it has been decided to go ahead on 4 December even though our Artisan section of market will only accept double vaxxed visitors.

Thanks so much to everyone who voted and shared their thoughts. Both sides had very good points of view and we thank you for your valuable input. 

Upon saying that, many us us do not like the idea of separating our communty, but the necessity of work, living and making the most of what we have, comes to the fore. We will have our Growers Market on the south side where everyone can enter.


The Plan:

You will find Growers Market on south end of showground and the Artisans on north end. Anyone can enter the Growers section but only double vaxed can enter the Artisan area. There will be a fence dividing the two sections.

As I’m sure you will agree, it’s vital we abide by the law and do everything in our power to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

We also have a fabulous mosaic workshop with the lovely Fi McAulay on the day. For a mere $30 you can learn this beautiful art. Please let your family and friends know as times will fill quickly. Send me an email with your interest asap.

A pottery and weaving workshop is also in the making, but more on this soon.