Important Artisan Market Information for 4 December

Dear valued Artisan Market stallholder and visitor

We are excited to go ahead on Saturday 4 December but must adhere to the latest vaccination laws and ensure everyone’s safety. Please read the following information very carefully and contact us if you are unsure about anything.

On 4 December the vaccination rules still apply which means anyone entering our Artisan Market must be double vaxed, which includes stallholders. You will be required to show your double vax status upon entry so it’s  vital you bring it on the day 

Our Growers Section of the market is open for all to attend

The Growers Market is on the south end of showground  and our Artisan Market on the north end of showground.

There will be large signs at both Hammond and Black St gates and Artisan Entry stating the rules.

We understand this is a difficult time and we respect your decision to do what’s right for you. We care very much about you and our community. Our focus is to keep our Market operating while respecting your values and privacy. We will not put our Bellingen Community at risk of fines or negative reputation.

Please be patient and kind to everyone you meet! We respect your decision so please respect ours and those around you. We are a community so let’s support each other and make the most of what we have.  

We very much appreciate your support and cooperation in carrying out the below:

Mandatory Requirements

Agree to abide by COVID safe requirements for markets and COVID-safe directions by market management, Council, Police or NSW Health Officer. 


If you are unwell (fever, cough or sore throat), you are not permitted to attend the market. If you become unwell on the day, you must return home immediately and inform management. 


Must have hand sanitiser openly available on stall tables  for customer and staff use.


Must have disinfectant and disinfectant wipes to clean products and surfaces where required.


Must limit the number of people (customers and staff) allowed in their business area, ensuring everyone is 1.5m apart (unless they are family members who can be together). This business area includes: 

Wherever patrons have to queue, especially in food areas, there must be ground markers to indicate queuing distances at 1.5m apart. Where possible queues must not block the walkway. Stallholders are responsible for monitoring this practice. Stallholders are to provide a safe zone for customers waiting on orders, where possible.

Signage must be displayed for customers to see. These may be made yourself, professionally sourced or downloaded from include a minimum of:

Maintain 1.5m distance

Sanitise your hands 

Please queue 1.5m apart (if required)

Do not handle goods, please ask for assistance


All stalls are to remove: 

Help yourself product samples

Help yourself taste testing

Help yourself condiments/milks/sweeteners

Help yourself – cutlery, sachets, stirring spoons, napkins

No refills for honey, oils, cream etc 


Food and drink stallholders are required to (this applies to stallholders selling food in any form or variety):

Complete their own Covid-19 Safety Plan (, and keep a copy at stall (do NOT send to us)

Have a splash guard for displayed food that is not covered

Use takeaway biodegradable containers (not plastic), no reusable plates, cups or cutlery

Have menus that are laminated and cleaned between use, or displayed or single-use. 


The below stallholders must complete a Covid-19 Safety Plan (, keep a list of customers and contact, and keep a copy of the plan in their stall.




Tattoo (henna)


Face painting

Best Practice Recommendations

Volunteers and stallholders to sanitise their hands regularly.


If possible, create a separate entry and exits points in the stall, with signage to indicate directions


Consider using side-walls or product placement to distance staff and customers from the stalls next door (1.5m rule).


Utilise barriers to distance their staff and customers during interactions. This may be by incorporating an extra table, rope or clear floor marking indicating where patrons are to stand. 


Remove or replace difficult to clean surfaces or product (eg replace fabric table cloths with wipeable ones) 


Clean regularly any surfaces or product frequently touched by staff or customers, using detergent, disinfectant solution or wipes. 


Promote customer visual inspection of product where practical. Stallholders will be required to have hand sanitiser available on their stand for customers to use before and after handling objects. Disinfectant and wipes must be available for staff to clean handled objects regularly, where practical.


Change-rooms are to be disinfected after each customer use (or don’t use them). 


Encourage and promote cashless payment options like Square/Shop&Go/Tap&Go/EFTPOS systems, to limit cash transactions with customers.


Encourage and promote contactless transactions with customers (do not handle goods, please ask for assistance) 


Maintain social distancing and limit interactions with staff and other stallholders, where reasonably practical.


Food and drink vendors are not to provide seating or tables for customers.


Food and drink vendors and staff are recommended to complete the Covid-19 Awareness For Food Service Training(


Consider downloading the COVIDSafe App recommended by the Australian Health Dept.


Sounds like a lot but its not really :-)