Autarky Farm

Autarky Farm is a small, family-owned farm nestled in the fertile valley of the Nambucca River. The certified organic farm of 25 acres is owned by Camilla and Bryce and produces seasonal vegetables:

At the Bellingen Growers Market, Camilla also offers a great range of organic and biodynamic grains, pulses, seeds, oils and dried fruits.

Camilla and Bryce have recently joined forces with The Mandarin Bend and The Harvest Owl to provide an additional service to the area - offering fresh produce online as the organic farmers collective, North Arm Farms

Autarky Farm is both beautiful and very productive and people ask how they have acheived what they do. Camilla and Bryce say:

"the key to our success has been a rotation of crops, high quality mulch foraged from from our river flats, and maintaining crop sizes that are able to be managed by hand".

Camilla and Bryce have four boys, they are an inspiring family. Bryce says:

"our four boys, Charlie, Gene, Marcel and Lenny regularly get involved on the farm, whether it’s caring for the animals, helping with the planting or the harvest, they are the life blood of the farm. Providing them with, and teaching them about, clean, fresh food is what gets us up in the morning!"

And the results of all that work is what people come to our market for - its fabulous, super fresh produce grown by very special people.