Charlene and her Apple and Eve Temptations

Charlene Kellet is a long standing stallholder, having been with the Bellingen Growers Market since 2009.  You'll always find her just by the door across from the kitchen in the pavillion hall. A stall that's hard to walk by!

Charlene offers a variety of delicious relishes, jams, homemade peanut butter (sugarless) and tasty dips such as pumpkin hummus, Baba ghanoush and dairy free pesto’s which she makes in her farmhouse in the Kalang Valley.

Along with local fresh bread and pastries on offer from Bellingen's Hearthfire Bakery, Charlene makes her own gluten free (GF) brekky quiches with a variety of savoury flavours, rice balls (GF), chilli corn bread and usually a homemade bake (GF) .  

Charlene works under the business name of 'Apple and Eve Temptations'; the play on words show that the temptations on offer at her stall are truly wonders of taste and flavours that can simply not be denied.

We love Charlene's tasty goodness - and she likes being part of our market:

"I enjoy meeting new people and catching up with the regulars who come to the stall and its great to see them smile".