Edible Petals

Cheryl Berry has been a part of the Growers Market for over two and a half years offering superb fresh edible flowers in a range of forms.

Cheryl talks about Edible Petals, giving us an insight into her passion for her produce and the care that she goes to with growing and production:

"I love making things from plants and when I started at the market I had creams and soap etc made from calendula flowers. While researching calendula I discovered edible flowers and now I grow, harvest and dry the flowers to sell".

"With my business, Edible Petals, I'm always researching different things to make from the flowers and try a lot of these recipes that I find. Edible flowers can be used in salads and rice dishes, desserts and cakes, made into a syrup or used as a beautiful garnish".

"I grow the flowers where I live in Kalang ensuring that no chemicals are used."

We love Cheryl's very special produce. We think her photos say it all ....