Kelly Organics

Sue Kelly is one of the founders of the Bellingen Growers Market and many will say is its anchor and heart.  Sue is a well loved local who lives with her husband Col on their farm in the Kalang Valley (with their grown up families) and produces beautiful flowers and a range of seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Sue also complements her offering with a selection of fresh organic produce from Brisbane, ensuring locals have access to the full range of affordable healthy fresh fruit and vegetables.  Sue also makes a standout range of tried and true chutneys, sauces and jams.

Sue is joined by Skye Vockler Condon who also produces a range of chutneys and relishes, superb organic yoghurt and 'to die for' labneh. They also make their stall available for other local home and market gardners who have excess produce.

Oh ...and I have heard Sue sells fantastic eggs but I have never got to the market early enough to score a dozen! Same with those amazing bouquets of flowers - blink and you'll miss them.

Thank you, Sue for being you - and for doing all that you do!