Missingfield Organics Seedlings and Soaps

Maxime produces a fantastic, large range of organic vegetable, herb and flower seedlings - consistently. Her seedlings are sought after and valued by her many regular customers and friends.

Maxime also hand crafts beautiful goats milk soaps. She has a lovely story to tell about the origin of this unique range of soap and shares:

"The latter part of the Second World War, there was no soap, nothing to clean either dishes or ones self. We had no goats... but we had cows, even though the procuring of timber was completely stopped we had lye from fires, we had milk this was only for a few months until we were completely restrained from scavenging storm blown branches. I have my grandmothers recipe. It has changed over the years in some ingredients... but it still holds the history. I make the olde family soap with a slightly changed recipe. It cleans and moisturises. This is a history from the Second World War."

Maxime really enjoys her contact with people at the Growers Market and says:

"I love those Saturday markets, the people most of all ....the huge hugs. My customers are a family extension, they always have wise words, encouragement and never cease to keep me smiling". 

Thank you, Maxime for being such a valued, energetic member of our Bellingen Growers Market community. You are the beginning of the chain, helping so many local families get good food happening in their own gardens. And those soaps are special!