Paul Hoske Organics

Paul Hoske is a fourth generation mid north coast farmer. He has been growing organic produce for 33 years. He grows a range of seasonal fruit and vegetables which include sweet potato, garlic, tomatoes, bananas and avocados from his five farms. Two of the farms are in Red Hill, the others are in Upper Orara, Moonee and the Promised Land.

Paul is super enthusiastic about growing organically and says that one of the things he loves about selling directly to people at the markets is the conversations that he has with customers. Many customers are working on growing fruit and vegetables in their own gardens and properties and have lots of questions for Paul. He says:

"I get all sorts of queries from my customers about growing - things like how to deal with black bottom and yellow spots, fungal issues and calcium deficiency. I am happy to share what I have learned from all the years I have been growing organically."

Paul is a great character as well as grower and we really appreciate having him as one of our core stallholders. Don't hestitate to say hi and ask him a question or two while you are stocking up.