People of Coffee

People of Coffee has evolved from Bellingen's own Amelia Franklin Coffee Roasters which had been in operation for 12 years old. It is a Non-Government Organisation given to the community of Bellingen by Amelia. It's structure is a Public Company Limited By Guarantee Benevolent Institution.

People of Coffee has been set up in recognition that our planet is in a state of extreme crisis, believing that there is only a decade before the whole coffee value chain will starts to collapse because of poverty and climate change.

All you need to do to support the vision and goals of People of Coffee is to buy their coffee wholesale and retail and become a part of the People Of Coffee Family. We are all one family, the coffee family.

And we are very proud that People of Coffee is part of the Bellingen Growers Market family - and super grateful that they provide all of us with delicious coffee every market day.