Rolling Hill Organics

Rolling Hill Organics are true to their catch cry - they only sell what they produce.  They offer seasonal produce such as lettuce, kale, chard, pumpkin, radishes, tomatoes, pumpkins , russian garlic, watermelon, cucumbers - all grown on their beautiful farm in Missabotti in the nearby Macleay Valley.

It was Tanya Kokinovic and her partner's passion for healthy living and quality foods that gave them the push to purchase their farm in Missabotti which is now known as 'Rolling Hill'.

They had a goal to take control of what they were consuming on a daily basis. And great things have followed on from there. Tanya speaks about their journey to the markets:

"A couple of years now down the track, after a lot of hard work, we now produce quality vegetables, herbs, fruit, meat and chocolate using holistic organic gardening practices".

"We found quite early on that there were many other people in our community that were interested in and actively seeking good quality and healthy produce like we were producing which caused us to begin commercially marketing our produce via community markets under the banner of Rolling Hill Organics".

We are very happy that they have joined the Bellingen Growers Market community.

In addition to their beautiful seasonal produce, Rolling Hill Organics have a specialty offering of black garlic and  handcrafted dark chocolate - which are sensational! They also make delicous pickles.