Samantha Johnson Body Therapies

Samantha Johnson is an Integrative therapist who offers a unique style of  body-based work. Sam draws upon her influences of Somatic - Mapping work, Embodiment processes, Craniosacral therapy, Shiatsu, Japanese acupuncture and Vision quest training in her treatments. She is also highly intuitive.

Sam has been offering shiastu treatments at the Bellingen Growers Market for a number of years and we feel very privileged to have her with us.

Samantha speaks about her approach to healing and body work:

"Ever since I began working with people for their wellbeing (some 15 years ago) I have had the sense I am 'listening' when I work. No matter which modality, technique or tool I am employing, I have come to trust this modus operandi, as I endeavour to listen with my whole being. I use this skill, working together with clients, to perceive and navigate deeper aspects of self".

"As I witness what this can bring to light for others I am ever humbled and awed. This subtle ability proves to be the gift that unfolds, teaches, refines and deepens the container I can offer for others. I feel greatly blessed to have an offering for others from my years of studies, learning and receiving from gifted teachers, and life's many and varied lessons and paths of good fortune that have brought me here. As I continue a life long journey as a student of the healing arts, I feel privileged to work alongside clients and assist them, as best I am able, on their path to wholeness".

A treatment from Samantha is a special experience.