Gary from Soapcakes has been making soap in Bellingen for over 10 years. However, production actually began in 2000 in England when he and his partner realised that many products available to people with sensitive skins (most people) were full of undesirable ingredients such as palm oil, petrochemicals, sodium laurel sulphate as well as artificial perfumes  colours.

 The aim of Soapcakes production is to make a soap that is both ethical - in terms of ingredients and production methods - and good for customers - in terms of benefits to their skin.  All their soaps have the same essential quality ingredients:

Gary uses a traditional cold-press method to blend the oils with a lye solution that contains either goat’s milk or rainwater. Then, to create a variety of aroma, texture and colour,  different essential oils (no chemical fragrances) and various natural clays, plant materials and food grade items such as honey, oatmeal, or cocoa are added.

The result is a soap that does not dry your skin out, but actually cleanses and nourishes your skin. It is pleasant to use, kind to you, and kind to nature.

A truly beautiful product.