Sonic Natural Farming Seaweed Fertiliser

Sonja Kallio and her family son Jake and his family - Monique, Remy and baby Isla - run Sonic Natural Farming offering cold processed Seaweed fertiliser that can be made up to scale on both farms and home gardens. They process and supply the fully organic product from Bellingen which captures all the important amino chains, beneficial microbes and nutrients in a naturally balanced state.

SONIC DIY BioFertilisers are a blend of raw organic material, sugars, Starter Culture (beneficial microbes) and unchlorinated water. They are made using a cold process of fermentation, a traditional form of preservation dating back thousands of years.

DIY Fertilisers use a Microbial Starter Culture and only undergo “cold processing”.  This means they are never heated enough to break down significant amino acid chains thereby preserving all the active ingredients in a biologically available state.

Sonja is also very generous with her knowledge and encourages growers to make up the fertilisers at home or on the farm. As well as being available at the market to talk through all the ins, outs and values of Seaweed fertiliser, they have a tutorial and lots of extra information on their website.