Ziyah's Condiments

Ziyah produces delicious homemade curry powders and sambals and kasundis with recipes from her homeland of Indonesia and other Asian countries such as India. She uses only local fresh ingredients in her produce, much of which is sourced at the market.

Ziyah has been in Australia for nine years with last six years spent living in Bellingen. Ziyah appreciates being part of the market:

"People are very warm and kind here. I didn't have a job when I first came here. The market has been a good place to build an income." 

And we appreciate Ziyah's warm contribution to the market, her sunny smile and her fiery chutneys.

Ziyah also makes fresh lamb samosas and vegetable samosas which you can eat on the day. Or there are also some for the freezer. Truly delicious.